Café 63

Proficient worked with the team at Café 63 to pour the perfectly roasted and brewed experience to go with your mouth-watering cuppa. The hand-picked features are carefully placed to enhance the charming arrangement of flowers. A brand that serves up an aromatic atmosphere filling the air with curiosity and intrigue.

The timber and greenery undoubtedly add to the freshly 'grounded' allure of a warm inviting coffee, waiting just for you. Black matte finishes and brickwork provide an urban-garden feel, a tribute to the brand's early beginnings. Smooth earthy tones combined with light-coloured slats provide a sense of warmth and comfort. Basket-weaved pendant lighting delivers mood and a 'more-ish' expectation preparing the palate. Flow and space provide an open setting and an invitation to indulge in a naturally organic experience.

Visit in person

Nothing can replace the sensation you receive from experiencing a location for yourself. If you are nearby pop in and take a closer look at our work. Soak up the atmosphere and take in the entire experience.

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