Proficient have recently developed a high-class restaurant and bar with the team at Foresters in Fortitude Valley. The architecturally brilliant building that houses this development is engrained with a rich history built in 1889. Foresters offers an ear mark location for nightlife dining and experiences that are strikingly eloquent. Housing the areas elite, the fine details outclass its rivals in the area. Simply put, gorgeous and sophisticated. An undisguised culinary experience that exposes fine dining into an escalated pub-esk endeavour is complemented by the various heightened features of the restaurant.

Exposed brickwork shows a weathered, but high in character aspect of the building. Polished concrete expands on an urban setting. Dark toned woodgrain adorn the roofing trusses and flooring which encases the area creating mood and atmosphere. Low luminate lighting softens the space and lifts the intimacy, which is amplified with a great glass of wine. Open kitchen panels distribute the stunning smells enticing an ambience that rears the taste buds for something special that will surely cross their plates. Proficient presents an ensemble of carefully considered settings indicating that an ensuing trend-setter has hit town.

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Nothing can replace the sensation you receive from experiencing a location for yourself. If you are nearby pop in and take a closer look at our work. Soak up the atmosphere and take in the entire experience.

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