Proficient went back to the 'basics' in a collaborative project with Hanaromart at the Hyperdome, Loganholme. The fundamental foundation of a great retail experience is order and effective use of space. The Hanaromart brand creates a smooth and logical shopping experience with obvious yet understated details.

The structured aisles are composed in a coherent manner creating length and depth in an otherwise typically sized retail premises. Light timber panels are a 'natural' fit for the green accent and Hanaromart look. High ceilings create headspace and give air to what can be a busy and cluttered environment. Lengthy grey tiles guide the eye and direct focal lines to the large range of products in-store. Strategically placed lighting allow for effective emphasis of products while maintaining flexibility for future layouts. Matte black framing provides a subtly sophisticated feature, unorthodox of a regular Asian grocer, but typical of the Hanaromart brand.

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