Clean lines, sharp detailing, and perfect execution are expected elements of the authentic Japanese brand, Ippudo. What's more is the attention to every detail, quality workmanship and the lasting impression the premises demands. The smallest detail accounted for, as if you were walking in off the streets of Perth into an exclusive Fukuoka ramen store.

Featured Kanji adorn the walls with meaning and purpose, making the occupants feel they are about to indulge in genuine Japanese cuisine. Crimson red effortlessly denotes a consistent brand to its core, a perfect combination to its consistent service and bona fide flavours on offer. Timber throughout, stonewash concrete style walls, sake bottles, greenery and purposeful lighting are but a mere attribution to the quality brand Ippudo embodies. What more can be said for an authentically sophisticated cultural experience.

Visit in person

Nothing can replace the sensation you receive from experiencing a location for yourself. If you are nearby pop in and take a closer look at our work. Soak up the atmosphere and take in the entire experience.

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