Proficient is now in the business of pushing boundaries and crossing borders for our revered clientele. Ippudo has graced the shores of the “long white cloud” in the newly renovated shopping district of Newmarket, Auckland New Zealand. The history-rich and culturally-authentic brand has introduced a new meaning to genuine Japanese cuisine.

Traditional purpose-driven design articulates Ippudos unrelenting focus on detail. A time-honoured premises, now transformed into a modern interpretation of an engrained heritage, emerges as the latest dining trend for the up market area. Wood adorned walls and dividers clearly attributed to the traditional Fukuoka ramen-store origins. Colour palates present an elemental sentiment enhancing the rich flavours and aromas on offer. The signature kanji featured wall provides contrast and depth. Matte black pendant lights against a wooden backdrop envelopes patrons in warm lighting. An impeccable execution that guarantees a culinary experience that will leave you craving for more.

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