Ippudo was established in Fukuoka and is now a World renowned Japanese restaurant. Proficient Projects were privileged to bring a truly authentic Japanese brand to Kings Square in Perth. We worked with the owners to bring the Ippudo brand’s vision to life.

The large greystone tiles, subtle wave crest patterns, and black crested countertops speak to the clean, precise and articulate environment Ippudo embodies. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring natural light by day and low pendant lighting brings warmth by night. The elemental colour pallet enhances the senses and adds to the carefully crafted culinary experience. The wooden panels are reminiscent of Japan’s traditional ramen stores and embody an absolute sophisticated cultural experience.

Visit in person

Nothing can replace the sensation you receive from experiencing a location for yourself. If you are nearby pop in and take a closer look at our work. Soak up the atmosphere and take in the entire experience.

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