The Fruit Depot

Proficient worked with The Fruit Depot to develop an up 'market' grocery vendor in the heart of the new Coomera Westfield. The open space and clever use of situational boxing and shelves make the site an ideal location for an urban twist on a traditional fruit and veggie store. A collaboration that has definitely captured the essence and style of what is current and 'in season'.

Wooden panels and decorative greenery serve as a complementary component to the natural fresh produce on display. Small white hexagonal tiling decorate the feature wall accentuating the centrepiece branding. Matte black fixtures add a sophisticated urban feel to the area. The exposed industrial-style ceiling acts as a backdrop to the modern overhead lighting. Hanging partitions claim ownership and limits on space, drawing the eye to the open pantry of selected product on offer.

Visit in person

Nothing can replace the sensation you receive from experiencing a location for yourself. If you are nearby pop in and take a closer look at our work. Soak up the atmosphere and take in the entire experience.

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